January 9, 2011

Our Real Food Journey- an Update

In this post I wrote about my some goals I had set for my family's eating habits.  I thought I'd update you on the status of our "real food journey".  I hope you will be inspired by the baby steps I've been taking!  Here they are, in no particular order:

I was making my own chicken stock before I got into Real Food, and I have contined to make it.  This winter I have made soup from scratch several times.  I am proud of myself for incorporating more soup into our diet. 

I am eating more seafood than ever before.  I even tried shark on New Year's Eve!

I switched to real maple syrup on my pancakes.  With a pat of butter, it's actually pretty good. 

We have switched over to raw milk, but only because my in-laws are buying it and drinking it too.  My husband and I don't go to town often enough to buy it ourselves! 

I can't remember the last time I cooked with vegetable oil.  I now use beef tallow as much as possible.

I have given up my cup-a-day habit (coffee).  I still drink it occasionally, but I've gotten out of the habit of drinking it first thing in the morning.  My energy level is about the same, maybe a little more than before, but definitely not less. 

For the New Year I have given up chocolate, at least for 30 days, but probably longer.  I realized I have a serious problem with it.  So far, so good.  Only one major chocolate craving so far (although I do miss it)!

Something I tried and liked:
- soaked lentils in lentil soup
- soaked whole wheat pancakes

Something I tried and did not like:
- broccoli cheese soup without the Velveeta. 

Something on my list to try soon:
- spelt flour.  I bought some, now I gotta figure out what to do with it!
- make beef stock

It feels good to look back and see improvements, especially when I'm feeling uninspired in the kitchen.  I'd like to continue to update once a month. 

How's your Real Food journey going?

Linked to Monday Mania.


Lisa said...

Hi, I linked over from Monday Mania. I'm converting my family to real food too. I am not ready to give up my coffee & we haven't switched to raw milk. When we get our finances in order I do want to switch to raw milk.

It would be nice to have some extended family support. My family thinks I'm nuts!

The Nourishing Homemaker

ginger-n-wyo said...

Coffee has been my downfall, as well. I gave up soda years ago and don't add sugar to my coffee, but I love a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I think your goals are very realistic. Permanent change takes place a little at a time.
Beef stock is easy and tastes so much better than store bought. I keep the leftover bits bones from roasts and make stock with those, as well as soup bones. Good Luck!

Dem said...

Lisa- Iam fortunate that my in-laws are supportive of us drinking raw milk. But that's why the internet is so great- there are lots of other crazies like us out there!

Ginger- do you brown your bones before making stock?

ginger-n-wyo said...

I roast the bones, and usually the onions and carrots, in the oven before I put them in the stock pot. Every batch is different because I use the opportunity to clean out the fridge. Sometimes I have a partial jar of homecanned tomatoes that make the stock very rich. I just use what I have around.

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