February 27, 2011

Menu Plan 2/27 through 3/5

We are gearing up for our busiest time of year- calving season!  I'm looking forward to getting outside with the baby calves in the next few weeks!  In preparation, I've stashed several casseroles in the freezer, as well as some cooked ground meat.  I'll be making good use of my oven and my slow cookers to create meals that are ready to eat as soon as we get home.  Here's what we're eating this week.

Sunday- Pork Roast with mashed potatoes and gravy; fresh fruit on the side
Monday- Pork enchiladas made with Soaked Tortillas; served with homemade sour cream, avocados
Tuesday- Cabbage Roll Casserole, served with homemade sour cream, fresh fruit
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Homemade Baked Beans, Cornbread
Friday- Broiled Steaks, Fried Potatoes, Carrot Sticks
Saturday- Chicken Tetrazzini (from freezer), steamed spinach with butter

 For more meal plans, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie every Monday.


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