March 5, 2011

Seed Order 2011!

I am so excited!  I just ordered my seeds from Burpee!  I went a little wild I think, but I know I won't use all the seeds this year.  I love gardening and cannot wait for summer, especially since this winter has been so dreadfully cold. 

Last year's giant pumpkin

Here's what I got:

Seeds (tried to get organic and/or heirloom):
- broccoli
- spinach
- butternut squash
- black beauty squash (zucchini)
- brussels sprouts
- marigolds (for pest control)
- cornflowers (for beauty)
- cilantro
- dill

Plants (just bought the smallest amounts at the best prices they had):
- 25 asparagus roots
- 10 russet potato tubers
- 10 shallot sets
- 300 onion sets (100 each of red, white, and yellow, to split with my neighbor)

Reusable Supplies:
- 25 plant markers
- 2 Tunl Covers (to extend the growing season)

I can't wait to start the broccoli and brussels sprouts in my garage!   My dad got me a lighted tray and it is so great for starting seeds indoors.  Last year I successfully started over 20 tomato plants inside.  This year I'm going to try making my own individual containers out of newspaper, as shown in this video, so I can plant the whole thing directly into the ground.

That is not all I'm growing this year!  I already had quite a few seeds:
- carrots
- corn
- tomatoes
- basil
- kale
- cucumbers
- green beans
- pumpkin

Another exciting new addition is apple trees!  I am planning to order 2 trees through our county's natural resource something-or-other.  We have a terrible time growing trees out here, but I'm hoping that since our county is selling these, they'll have a fighting chance.  I'm planning to get a Lodi tree and a Golden Delicious tree.  Wish me luck, because I'll need it!

Tell me about your garden plans for 2011!  Are you trying anything new?  What's your favorite thing to grow?


Bitterroot Mama said...

Sounds like you've got a great garden planned! I ordered my seeds from Fedco for the first time this year. I'm going to try tomatoes for the first time ever. My favorite thing to grow is corn because it's my favorite thing to eat! I also like to grow oregano, basil, and rosemary so I can add fresh leaves to my pizza sauce.

Dem said...

I love growing basil! Last year I grew a purple Italian basil. I like to chop it up and freeze it and use it in casseroles in the winter.

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