July 15, 2012

Pantry Challenge, Week Two: Meals Report

Yesterday I posted our Week Two grocery spending report.  To read it, click here.

This week we ate well.  Lots of grilling because it's been so hot!  Grilling lends itself well to my pantry challenge because I am clearing out lots of meat from the freezer.  It needs to be defrosted so badly, so the emptier I can get it, the better!  

We go through potatoes fast around here, so pasta will be back on the menu this week.  I'm hoping to get rid of the last of the wheat pasta so when I go shopping again I can replace it with the gluten free stuff.  We like the corn pasta best.  

A new dimension to the challenge is that we are running low on beef, which hubby demands requests at least once a day.  We won't be able to butcher again until at least September, so I am going to have to use more fish and chicken to make the beef last.  I'm also excited about buying some pork after the pantry challenge.  We don't eat it often (except as bacon) but I love it!

Here's what we ate this week:

July 9: lunch was leftover pulled pork (sandwich for the hubby, stir-fried with veggies for me); dinner was leftover pulled pork again
July 10: lunch was grilled steaks and broccoli, salad, watermelon; dinner was Crockpot Pork and Beans, cornbread, and salad
July 11: lunch (at 2 pm!) was more leftover pork and some baked beans; dinner was grilled salmon, Brussels Sprouts and Bacon, and fried potatoes
July 12: lunch was fast food (yuck) in town; I made Shepherd's Pie for my sister-in-law and her family for dinner; hubby made himself a pizza a home
July 13: lunch was late after getting home from town- I had a leftover piece of steak and some salad and hubby and the kids ate at his mom's house; dinner was mashed potatoes, tuna fish gravy, fresh strawberries, salad, and cooked carrots
July 14: lunch was grilled hot dogs, corn, watermelon, salad; dinner was grilled steaks, baked potatoes (I was already using the oven so I took advantage), salad, watermelon
July 15: lunch will be grilled chicken (freshly butchered this morning!) and corn, raw snow peas, salad, bread and butter; dinner will be leftover hot dogs and frozen broccoli

For more Pantry Challenge updates, visit Good Cheap Eats.

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