July 9, 2012

The Verdict: Gluten Free Yellow Cake

Yesterday I promised to write about how the gluten free yellow cake went over.  Answer?  Great!  I used the recipe found in Elizabeth Hasselbeck's Deliciously G-Free (a gift from my husband's grandma).   I used the kid's choice chocolate icing recipe found in the same book.  The icing was really chocolatey, which I love!  The cake itself was a big surprise.  Based on brown rice flour, I was sure it would taste strange.  It was a little heavier than a regular wheat-based cake, but it tasted delicious.  My nephew had helped me make it, and when he tasted the raw dough he said it was "weird".  Yesterday though, he asked for seconds!  Speaking of seconds, there weren't any!  Next time around I would make two cakes, since this was pretty small.  It would serve 12 normal size slices or 20 teeny tiny slices, which is what we did.

The Birthday Girl liked it!