November 10, 2010

Frugal Baking Tip

My grandmother, Lit Paw Paw, taught me this neat little trick.  She is the queen of repurposing things.  She also saves everything, so if you ever need a piece of string, a slip of paper, some fabric, a jar, etc, she'll have it.  And she knows exactly where she's stored it too!  Here's her trick: when you need to grease a pan for baking, use the wrapper that the butter comes in.  Just rub the wrapper on your pan.  This works best if you are using the whole stick of butter in your recipe, so you have an empty wrapper!

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Mom2fur said...

I've done this! It makes things taste really good, better than PAM or Crisco. I've also rubbed the empty wrapper on chickens I'm roasting. Mmmm!


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