November 28, 2010

Meal Plan Nov 28- Dec 1

We had a quiet Thanksgiving with my husband's family (as usual).  This week I'm taking the kids to the other grandparents' house, which is why I've only menu planned through Wednesday.  My husband will have to beg for food at his mom's house, which is a whole 1/4 mile away from ours! 

Over the past week I killed my first deer (post about that coming soon) and helped my in-laws cut up 2 sides of pork.  So, in addition to the frozen fish that some hunters brought out last week, we also have venison and pork on the menu!  It's so nice to have some variety- thank goodness for deep freezers!  I am also excited because I will soon be tasting raw milk for the first time! I had been hesistant to contact the dairy farmer since he's so far away (60 miles) that it just seemed ridiculous, but he's making a trip out here anyway, so my father-in-law asked him to throw some milk in his truck.  I don't really care for milk by itself, but my husband and son drink tons of it, so I'm going to try it raw.  Also, I'd like to try making whey and cream cheese, as I've just learned how easy it is to do.

Here's what we're eating before the big trip:

Sunday- BBQ Pork Ribs, leftover creamed spinach, leftover sweet potatoes
Monday- Pork Shoulder Roast with Potatoes and Carrots
Tuesday- Venison in a Salisbury Steak Sauce served with mashed potatoes, sauteed broccoli
Wednesday- Surf and Turf (Steaks and Walleye Fillets- a birthday dinner), fried potatoes, rolls, spinach, birthday cake

After that, I'm outta here! 


Jill said...

Congrats on your deer- it's such a great feeling having lots of frugal, healthy meat in the freezer!

And yay for trying raw milk! I think you will like- it has so many uses!

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