November 17, 2010

You Know You're in the Country When...

...there are no traffic reports on the news, only weather.  At every commercial break on the radio there is a weather update.

Lest you think there are no traffic jams in rural places, think again!  There's a construction project going on in the town 60 miles away.  We have to drive through it to get to the interstate.  My husband and his family bemoan the fact it will take them 10 whole minutes longer to drive through town.  It's a major traffic jam.

And that's in town!  Out in the middle of nowhere we have to watch out for deer, antelope, and the occasional cow (or worse, a whole herd of them standing in the middle of the road). 

Rural traffic jam

Which brings me to another subject- the proper course of action to take after running over a cow.  My father-in-law told me the story of his two uncles.  One accidentally ran over a cow that belonged to the other.  They got in a fist fight because the first uncle didn't butcher the cow right then and there.  So, if you ever run over a cow, don't let it to go to waste!

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