December 17, 2010

It's Here!

Want to know what you can get for a trailer-load of junk plus a little cash?

An Osh Kosh!

What is an Osh Kosh?

It is a monster truck used to plow snow off huge areas.  That's the plow in the bed of the truck:

 This is my husband's new toy.  He arranged the trade, and he can't wait until the next heavy snowfall.

It needs a little repair work. 

This baby has seen a lot of service.   

Why do we need an Osh Kosh, you might ask?  Well, we run a small cat litter business.  We need the road cleared for trucks to come and go.  We have 10 miles of private road to maintain, plus another 13 miles that the county is supposed to maintain, but does not.

And because the men out here like new toys!