August 3, 2012

A Paleo Pantry

Yesterday I restocked my pantry for the first time since the July Pantry Challenge began.  It was so exciting to pile my cart with groceries after practicing restraint all last month (yeah, I love grocery shopping, and if that makes me dorky that's okay).  After clearing out many non-paleo items, I was ready to stock up on healthy fare.  Here's what I bought to kick off my 30 Day Paleo Challenge:
-dried apricots
-dried plums
-canned tuna
-canned salmon
-canned coconut milk
-green (manzanilla) olives

I already had the following on  hand:
-many types of nuts
-raw pumpkin seeds
-canned tomato products
-El Pato sauce (a gluten-free Mexican-style tomato sauce)
-almond flour
-coconut flour
-almond butter
-olive oil
-green and red salsas
-sun-dried tomatoes
-artichoke hearts
-lots of spices!

What else goes into a paleo pantry?
-gluten free jerky (I've bought it from Vitacost)
-coconut oil (I like the refined stuff for cooking savory dishes)
-palm shortening
-other types of canned fish, like sardines
-other types of dried fruit, such as dates

-sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey

Switching to Paleo can be pretty overwhelming, but if you start with a pantry full of healthy basics, you'll have endless possibilities!

I challenge you to see how many paleo items are in your pantry already!  Did I leave anything off this list?