August 13, 2012

Cravings? What Cravings?

After two weeks eating strict paleo, my chocolate cravings have greatly diminished.  On Saturday my kids made a chocolate cake with a guest and I frosted it with chocolate frosting from the can.  As I frosted it, I had no thoughts of eating it!  The cake has sat on our counter all weekend and I haven't thought about it at all!  It helps that the cake pan has a lid, so I can't see really see it or smell it.  Back in May I did a 30 day challenge, and my son's birthday cake tormented me for a couple days because I smelled it every time I walked into the kitchen.  I finally just threw it away.

Weekend Eats

Another really busy weekend has come and gone.  Friday for lunch I tried to grill pork chops and broccoli.  The propane tank finally gave out, so I had to finish everything on the stove.  I tossed the broccoli into the pork juices.  So good!  Saturday I made a huge roast in my crock pot.  I cooked it on low all day (about 11 hours).  At lunch I put some potatoes and carrots in a foil pack and nestled that on top of the meat.  About 30 minutes before eating, I defrosted some frozen broccoli in the microwave and stirred it in.  We have discovered we love the taste of the broccoli cooked in the meat juices.  I ate my meat, carrots, and broccoli over a bed of fresh spinach. 

Sunday morning hubby requested Breakfast Paleo Pizza.  I made enough for 2 days of breakfasts for the whole family.  I made stuffed peppers for dinner.  I just stuffed them with a mixture of cooked hamburger, onion, garlic, and spices.  I topped all but 2 peppers with cheese.  I ate my pepper with salsa on top.  Salsa, I've found, really helps me avoid cheese because it adds moisture to my eggs or meat.  I also cooked some kale in bacon fat.  Yum!  Makes a great side dish at breakfast too! 

This week I'm looking forward to a cool front blowing through.  I have been craving a chicken and sweet potato stew (butternut squash would work well too).  I might use this recipe as inspiration (but I'll use olive oil instead of that inflammation-promoting canola). 


Grace J. said...

I seriously want to come by your house and just eat. All your meals sound SO good!

Dem said...

Thanks Grace! Otto and I want to come to your house someday too, to hunt some wild pigs :)