August 16, 2012

Temporarily Derailed

Heheh, so in my last post I wrote about how I wasn't craving chocolate.  And then, life happened.   An emotionally stressful weekend left me feeling bummed, and I needed wanted chocolate.   I had been fighting the urge to eat some sugar for a couple days, and then I just snapped.  I went to get some water at my in-laws' house, and I thought, 'I need chocolate'.  Without too much self-questioning, I grabbed an ice cream cone.  Yeah, it even had gluten.  After a few bites my stomach started to feel "rumbly", but I finished it anyway.  And I finished my daughter's cone too.  The good thing was, I was in the middle of a painting project, so I couldn't just stand next to the freezer and eat the whole box.  So I guess if I'm going to go off road, the best time to do it is in middle of working, so I can't go too far.  I felt a little guilty about cheating, especially during my 30 day challenge, but I am confident it's not going to throw me off track forever. 

The Sugar Dragon

Of course, going off road always reawakens the sugar dragon, so to speak.  Eating that stuff makes me want to eat more of it.  So that night I let myself have 2 peaches after dinner.  Yesterday I was home all day, and we do have some chocolate around.  I thought about eating it, but instead I made one of my favorite paleo meals for lunch.  I used the Everyday Paleo Pizza Crust recipe, then topped it with tomato sauce, pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and summer squash.  Can I say, amazing?  I've read that after you go off your diet it's important to eat something diet-legal you really enjoy to help you get back on track (at your next meal of course).   I continued that theme by eating more peaches yesterday.  I cooked one in lots of butter and added cinnamon and walnuts for my afternoon snack.  And then again after dinner.  Technically paleo legal, but definitely not something I should be doing every day.  I also 'treated' myself to something I really enjoy: planning my grocery list!  I sat down at the computer and clipped some online coupons and checked out my local store's weekly specials.  Got my shopping list all done, and now I have something to look forward to.  That helped me resist the urge to cheat again.


This temporary derailment has shown me that I am making progress.  My "trouble time" has always been the afternoon, especially while the kids are napping.  I can sit there and stuff my face with sugar for 2 hours straight.  In the past, I would have eaten all 4 peaches in the fruit bowl for my "afternoon snack".  I'm proud that I stopped at one, and I did really enjoy it.   I was also able to satisfy the urge to cheat again by doing things I enjoy, namely cooking a yummy meal and planning a shopping trip.  I've found something that works for me, and I will definitely implement those tactics in the future (hopefully before cheating). 

Another good thing that happened was my husband spontaneously complimented me last night.   He said he was so glad I had found Paleo.  I asked him why and he said it's because I look so good now.  Coming from someone who is very reserved with his praise, it meant alot because I knew it was sincere.   

Other Recent Paleo Eats

Last night for dinner I cut up a whole chicken to stew.  I stewed it with sweet potatoes, summer squash, white potatoes (for the kids), onion, and broccoli.  Spices used: cinnamon, ginger, cumin, garlic powder.  It was similar to Everyday Paleo's Rockin' Moraccan Chicken.  I wasn't home to babysit it, so the veggies were a little over done, but it was comforting and delicious.  For breakfast this morning I made Everyday Paleo's Tomato Egg Houses for me, and some Turkey, Egg, and Spinach Muffins for the hubby and kids.  Today I'm hoping to grill some lamb steaks (I think they are shoulder or arm steaks), after I finish deep-cleaning the bunkhouse.  A new guy is coming tomorrow, so I've got my work cut out! 

Happy Paleo eating everyone!