August 26, 2012

How My Husband Stopped His Chronic Nosebleed

Ever since I've known him my husband has been susceptible to nosebleeds.  Randomly, it will just start gushing and it won't stop until it's done.  It wasn't so bad in Texas, when we were in college, because there was alot of humidity.  But now we live in a very dry northern state.  He started rubbing petroleum jelly in his nose during the winter months.  And then this summer it started bleeding every day.  Two or three times a day.  I was afraid to touch his face for fear of bumping his nose and setting off the geyser.  We blamed it on the drought.  He took 2 showers a day for the humidity.  He was oiling his nose three or four times a day.  I told him to take multivitamins in case he was missing something.  And still it kept happening.

One day I had enough.  I was ready to send him to a naturopathic clinic 4 hours away to get some answers.  We started doing a little research while we waited for the clinic to call back.  We compared notes and came up with a plan.  He read that multivitamins have fillers in them that can cause nosebleeds.  He quit them as soon as he read that.  He also read that if your body is used to a certain level of Vitamin C and then you suddenly decrease your intake, your nose can take the hit.  We were in the middle of a pantry challenge, and had run out of the bottled stuff.  I started making it from the frozen concentrate again, a chore that I previously despised, but that was now a necessity.  I read that Vitamin K, found in dark leafy greens, is good for blood clotting.  I started adding spinach to the scrambled eggs I made him for breakfast.  We decided to switch from the petroleum jelly to a natural oil.  I was out of coconut oil, which would have been my first choice, but he tried grapeseed and extra virgin olive oil.  He settled on the EVOO because he likes the smell.  He also thinks it cleans AND moisturizes, whereas the Vaseline only moisturized, which he believes makes a difference.

Within a few days of the new regimen, his nose quit bleeding at the drop of a hat.  Now it has been several weeks since his last nosebleed.  The clinic never called back, which is fine with me, because we found our solution.  Just another example of how good nutrition and natural remedies really do work!


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Jennifer said...

Wish I had found this blog a few weeks ago. Took my daughter to an ENT for severe nose bleeds and they used a "paint" like substance to cauterize the vessels in her nose. Not painful by any means but would have been nice to find more natural methods that didn't cost me $60 for the office visit and followup visit... *sigh* great blog!

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