October 17, 2010

Morning Slump

Ugh.  When my kids woke me up at 4:30 (baby to nurse, toddler to have his diaper changed), I willed myself to stay awake.  It wasn't too hard, since I was kind of excited about having some quiet time to exercise.  I had set my alarm for 5:45, but decided this would be sooo much better.  Yes, I did exercise (woohoo!) and worked on my new obsession (this blog) and read other blogs (I am addicted to blogs).  But then, I baked and ate some delicious cinnamon rolls that I mixed up last night in a fit of homemaking mania.  And even though I subbed some wheat flour for the white flour, cinnamon rolls still mean sugar, which means blood sugar spike and then blood sugar drop.  So now I am super tired, and shall remain so until promptly 5 pm, at which time I shall get my second wind.  The end. 
Happy Sunday!

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