October 29, 2010

Simple Cookie Decorating Tip

I love to make sugar cookies once or twice a year, usually for Halloween, and always for Christmas.  I decorate them with icing, sprinkles, the works.  It's a tradition my mom started and I've carried into my adulthood. 

This week I made some Halloween-themed cookies.  While I was at the store a couple weeks ago, I spotted some black and orange decorating gel.  I purchased it on a whim.  This was the first time I used the gel, and I am so happy with how my cookies turned out:

Here's my new cookie decorating tip: outline your cookies!  Outlining the cookies with the gel really helped define their shape.  Compare the outlined cookies with the ones that aren't outlined, and you can see a distinction.  The outlined cookies really stand out.  It was also great for writing words on the cookies.  I love the little kitty that says "EEK!" 

From now on, I will always use decorating gel when I make my sugar cookies.

Special thanks to Bertha and Bambi for helping me decorate!

How do you decorate your cookies?